DBH Microneedling + Tinted Nano Needling (Glassy Glow) Certification Class


Learn a full range of Nano Needling and Microneedling techniques!

This certification covers effective nano-needling techniques to offer a semi-permanent alternative to daily foundation that’s safe for all skin types and illuminates a daily glow. Also covered are advanced micro-needling techniques using needles stuck in different depths to stimulate distinct levels of tissue, maximizing results for varying skin types and conditions. 

Advanced Certification
Access to online Demonstration and Technique Resource
Starter Kit Includes:
  • (1) Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil - 2oz
  • (1) Pre Peel Cleanser - 2oz
  • (1) O2 Hydra Mist Tone - 2oz
  • (1) GA30 Prep Exfoliator - 2oz
  • (1) EGF FGF Marvel Serum - 1oz
  • (1) 1oz Aloe Response Mask
  • (6) Compression Nano Tips
  • (10) Needle Tips (9mm)
  • (1) Glassy Glow Solution - 1oz
  • (1) DBH Pen Charger
  • (1) Additional DBH Pen Battery
  • Terry Cloth Headbands
  • (2) DBH Silicone Brush

Support from our in-house estheticians 
Access to ongoing education and treatment updates