Design Nail Flash Shine Buffer


Quickly smooth out enhanced and natural nails.


  • Smooth, conditions and shines natural nails to an incredible, long-lasting luster with just a few strokes in 3 easy steps. Comes with a re-sealable plastic bag for easy storage.
  • Easy, Fast, and An Amazing Shine!
  • Step 1: Gray
  • Step 2: Green
  • Step 3: White

Bitty Buffers

  • 27 pieces
  • 400/4000 Grit
  • Packaged sheet of 27 break-offs 2-sided Itty Bitty buffers. Buffers are 2.5" x 0.62" and feature the same white and green sides as the full-size Flash Shiner. 

Flash Files

  • 400/4000 Grit
  • Only available in 50 pieces