Intrinsics The Gentle Cleansing Towel


Who doesn’t love a facial wipe? We’d almost venture to say they’re one of the best inventions in the beauty biz. They can pull double duty as makeup remover and child cleanup specialist; post-workout face refresher and spill mop. But let’s face it (pun intended), finding the right wipe can be tough. Every beauty brand out there has multiple types of wipes all promising various type of improvements with regular nightly swipes. Some live up to the hype and others don’t, but our classic recipe remains a favorite among some of the most trusted salons and spas in the country. And as everyone knows, trust is essential in this business!

The Gentle Cleansing Towels are made with 100% Naturelle Cotton and contain no parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or fragrances. In case you didn’t know it already, the skin is the largest organ of the human body and can be penetrated by certain toxins and chemicals. This is through a process known as dermal absorption. Once absorbed, these things can get into your bloodstream and other areas of your body. While there’s always additional research being added to both sides of the argument, we like to err on the side of caution and take no chances when it comes to our customers’ safety. This means that you can feel confident using the Gentle Cleansing Towels on a daily basis.

Moistened with natural botanicals, the towels also contain white tea botanicals, bamboo botanicals, and come with a fresh, but pleasant aroma of cucumber and green tea. It’s almost like a little spa right in your bathroom. Kind of…except without the relaxing music, chilled wine, and your favorite esthetician taking care of you. But we can’t live in the spa every day, right? 

In addition to removing makeup, the Gentle Cleansing Towels are ideal for prep before treatments like waxing and facials.